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Tire Inflator Accessory, Angled Single Clip-On Chuck Connector, 1 / 4 in. Hose Barb (PCL Tire Inflation - Model CH4H01)

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The new and improved air connector replaces PCL’s CO2 single clip on connector.

After 40 years of service, PCL is now retiring the reliable CO2 single clip-on connector and welcoming the new and improved line: CH2H01, CH2A01, CH4H01, and the CH4A01 Single Clip-on Air Connector. These new air connectors have been designed to enhance and bring PCL into modern industrial standards. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the new air connector has been proven to be as robust and reliable as ever.

One of the biggest drivers behind the new design is due to the intricacy of modern wheels, where it can be difficult to reach the valves with the human hand. This has been answered by introducing a larger range of standard straight clip-on chucks, as well as 90 degree single clip-on chucks for those “hard to reach” valves, with both hose tail fitting and female threaded versions available.

No expense was spared on materials of construction. These new units are manufactured using only the finest zinc alloy, aluminum and brass. The new air connectors boast a vice like grip and easy operation, with a simple, yet effective thumb push button, which quickly releases the tire valve, thus increasing efficiencies.

Inlet Size: 1/4”
Head Type: Angled single
Valve Style: Open-End

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