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Auto Lift, 2-Post, Versymmetric®, Dual Pendant Power Controls, directSPOT™, Offset 3-stage front & rear arms & dual single-point mechanical lock release, 2' column extension, Stack Adapter Kit (Challenger Lifts - Model CL10V3-2-DPC-QC)

Price: $8,341.16



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Versymmetric® 2-post lift w/ Dual Pendant Power Controls, directSPOT™  offset 3-stage front & rear arms & dual single-point mechanical lock release w/ 2' column extension. Includes Stack Adaptor Kit (Part #10315), Document Caddy (Part #10320) and Pendant



Our CL10 now has adjustable sleeved column extensions! Meaning the lift’s standard overall height can be reduced by 6 inches.

This change provides height adjustability to our CL10 2-post lift family. For example: the CL10-2 model can now be installed at two different heights, the standard 13’ 8” or a reduced height of 13’2”.



About Versymmetric Technology

Model # CL10V3

Challenger Lifts' Versymmetric technology brings versatility to any service bay while also ensuring the safe lifting of any vehicle.  Versymmetric lift technology, stablished in 1992 by Challenger, combines a Symmetric and Assymmetric lift into one!  There's no need to choose.

Safely accommodating vehicles with either center of gravity, the CL10v3 can do it all by using heavy-duty columns and arms.  Meaning you can service a wide range of vehicles all from the same service bay.

Whether you're looking for efficiency or are just simply short on space, this Challenger Lift is right for you.