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Auto Lift, Low-Rise, 10,000 lb. capacity (Rotary - Model VLXS10)

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10,000 lb. capacity Low-Rise Lift

The VLXS10 is your solution for quick service operation on today’s passenger cars and trucks up to 10,000 lbs. Tire and brake work can now be performed on a wide variety of vehicles, thanks to the newly designed pads and adapters, wider driveover capability and increased lifting capacity.

The pad and adapter combinations allow lifting of uni-body and frame contact undercarriages — reaching recommended manufacturers pick-up points on most vehicles on the road today.

Trucks and SUVs that require a wider drive-over capability will not be turned away. The VLXS10 has ramps and side drive-over areas to accommodate wider wheelbase vehicles.

The 10,000 lbs. capacity offers the ability to lift the heavier vehicles being sold today. The VLXS10 is truly the heavy-weight winner when comparing mid and low-rise lifts.


  • Drive-over ramps and side rails provide the width to support wider vehicles during approach.
  • Dual lifting cylinders provide the power required to lift a 10,000 lbs. vehicle.
  • Includes four heat-resistent non-slip pads which provide a great contact surface for adapters or vehicle pick-up points.
  • VLXS series VersaLifts come standard with a three-position wheel spotting dish for accurate spotting of vehicles.
  • 7,000 and 10,000 lbs. capacity models are available.
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