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Parts Breakdown for Rotary Lift models SP80 / SP84 / Mark II (SVI International - Model Parts-Breakdown-Rotary-SP80-SP84-Mark-II)

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KeyPart No.OEM#Qty.
1BH-7511-02FJ72112Hydraulic Cylinder
2N/AFJ72851Right Hand Column
3BH-7502-12FJ730-44Arm Pin
4BH-7500-49FJ719-62Upper Sheave Assembly
5N/AFJ72841Left Hand Column
6BH-7503-48FJ7233-228Clevis Pin
7BH-7510-01FJ723612Slider Block
8BH-9755-26FJ671-68Hog Ring Clip
9BH-9755-22FJ671-34Adapter Pin
10BH-9755-20FJ671-14High Step Adapter
11BH-9755-21FJ671-24Low Step Adapter
12BH-9755-25FJ971-54Swivel Pin
13BH-7508-40FJ775-14Sleeve Only
14BH-7510-04FJ761-42Foam Tape
15BH-7504-11FJ7242-12Carriage (SP84)
15N/AFJ7349-22Carriage (SP80)
16F-SC-0375-1000FJ711243/8" - 1" SocketHead Cap Screw
17BH-7503-02FJ7482Carriage Latch Kit
18BH-7500-02FJ7762Equalizer Cable Assembly
19BH-7509-84FJ72501Center Cover Plate (FJ577)
20BH-7512-05FJ881Hydraulic Hose
21BH-7510-05FJ72141Right Hand Piping Assembly
22BH-7510-06FJ72151Left Hand Piping Assembly
23BH-7500-65AFJ719-122Sheave Pin
24BH-7500-65FJ7972Lower Sheave Pin
25BH-7504-02FJ72391Right Rear Swing Arm
25BH-7504-03FJ72401Right Front Swing Arm
25BH-7504-04FJ72411Left Front Swing Arm
25BH-7504-01FJ72381Left Rear Swing Arm
26N/A  Arm (SP80)
27BH-7006-01P6021Power Unit, 2HP, 1PH, 3450 RPM
28BH-7512-30FJ8162Hydraulic Hose
29Call for DetailsFJ741-72Cylinder Adapter Fitting
30BH-7075-03 16Anchor, 3/4" x 5-1/2"
31N/AFJ7792Pad and Support Assembly (SP80)
32BH-7503-47FJ7233-254Arm Restraint Plunger
35BH-7503-23FJ7233-274Inner Restraint Bar (Threaded)
36BH-7508-25FJ7233-72Left Hand Restraint Tube
36BH-7508-24FJ7233-112Right Hand Restraint Tube
37BH-7510-05FJ73141Center Cover (SP80)
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