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Hoist, Chain 2 Ton (American Forge & Foundry - Model 4002)

Price: $184.88



One Year Limited Warranty

Hoist, Chain 2 Ton
  • Ideal for lifting, loading and moving heavy materials with minimum amount of manual power.
  • Newly designed chain hoists are factory tested to 150% of rated capacity.
  • Triple spur gear.
  • Safety brake prevents slipping.
  • Steel alloy chain for safe, smooth lifting.
  • Safety hooks included.
Hoist Comparison Chart:
Capacity (lbs.)22004400660011000330044008800
Lift (ft.)81010105NANA
Cable/Chain Dia.1/4"1/4"3/8"5/16"1/4"3/16"3/16"
# of falls11221NANA
Cable Length (ft.)NANANANANA5
Safety Hooks2222223
Ship Wgt. (lbs.)2330509125714