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PureLube Air Breather, 2” NPTM, 5 Micron 98% efficient (Liquidynamics - Model 72102)

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PureLube Air Breather, 2” NPTM, 5 Micron 98% efficient

Storage tanks “breath” as fluid and air temperatures vary as well as when fluid is removed or added to storage tanks. This breathing process also introduces contaminants such as dust, dirt, pollen and other particulate matter. A simple solution is to add a breather filter in place of an open vent. The Liquidynamics PureLube Air Breathers are engineered for use on lubricant storage drums, tanks and totes. These breathers come standard with 2” NPTM threads and your choice of 10 micron wire mesh media (94% efficient at 10 micron), 5 micron layered polyester media (98% efficient at 5 micron) or 5 micron pleated paper media (99.3% efficient at 5 micron). The wire mesh and polyester media may be cleaned in a suitable solvent and reused. The paper media is not reusable.


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