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Sheeting, Paintable Blue, 12' x 400 (Norton Refinishing Products - Model 3344)

Price: $39.29



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    The Norton Refinishing Products 3344 is norton Blue Sheeting, paint will adhere to the outside layer of plastic, eliminating paint flake-off, allowing for direct spray. Blue Sheeting features an easy-to-open fold pattern. All sizes come on a standard core to fit all current plastic masking dispensers, so one person can mask the vehicle alone. The cling of Blue Sheeting ensures the material adheres to the area that is to be protected. Blue Sheeting can be cut and painted along the critical edge, replacing paper in the shops. This tri-layer plastic is .4 mil thick.

  • Tri-layer paintable sheeting
  • Clings
  • Easy to handle - fast application
  • Clings after repositioning
  • Corona treated
  • Paint won't flake off – eliminates use of paper
  • Holds paint like paper
  • 3-ply resin formula
  • Resists tearing
  • Plastic
  • Resistant to solvents
  • No bleed-through
  • Wide widths
  • One pass coverage
  • Fast application increases productivity
  • Self-dispensing perforated box
  • Easy for one person to dispense
  • Protects sheeting from dust and dirt