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AC Leak Detection Kit, UV Cordless Light, Refillable Injector, 4 oz. Dye, Glasses, Case (RTI Technologies - Model 360-81813-00)

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Elite UV Leak Detection Kit
A complete package with cordless advantage.
  • LED UV Light-Cordless
  • 2 oz. Refillable Injector
  • 4 oz. Super Bright Dye
  • Fast Charger
  • "Dye Installed" Decals
  • UV Enhancing Glasses
  • Storage Case
Designed with the professional in mind by utilizing the most current technology in UV leak detection available today. LED style light provides plenty of light for any leak detection application and provides the cordless advantage with re-chargeable battery design. Premium 2 oz. refillable injector is not only fast and easy but the most economical way to add dye to an A/C system. No proprietary cartridges are necessary. Simply attach to the low side service port and with a couple quick turns, 1/4 oz. is accurately dispensed. All of our A/C dyes are R12 and R134a compatible.
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