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Hydraulic Pump, Air, Foot Activated, 2 Gallon Aluminum Resivior (Norco - Model 910140)

Price: $472.80



Limited Lifetime Warranty

Air/Hydraulic Foot Pump
Same as the models 910017B and 910018B but with added features.
  • Designed to utilize exhaust air to help power the pump, requiring only 80 p.s.i. air pressure to develop 10,000 p.s.i. hydraulic pressure.
  • Air exhaust muffler for quieter operation.
  • Air and oil inlet filters for reduced risk of damage from contamination.
  • Designed with durable light weight, corrosion resistant plastics.
  • Internal pressure relief valve for overload protection.
  • All air pumps are designed to be used with single-acting cylinders.
  • Comes with Two Different Size Poppit Valves That Can Be Quickly and Easily Installed. Poppit Valves Reduce the Return Flow of Oil Back to the Pump's Resivoir Providing a Safer Controlled Lowering of a Load.
  • This Model is Equipped with a Thick Wall Aluminum Extruded Reservior.
Hydraulic Pressure Rating: 10,000 psi
Usable Oil Capacity: 462 Cubic inches
Output Flow Rate (No Load): 80.5 Cubic Inches per Minute
Output Flow Rate (Load): 12.8 Cubic Inches per Minute
Air Pressure Range: 40-170 psi
Air Consumption: 24 scfm
Valve Function: Advance / Hold Retract
Sound Level: 85 dBA
Thread Connections: Air (NPT) 1/4"-18 / Hydraulic (NPT) 3/8"-18
Dimensions: 14" L x 8-1/2" W x 10-3/4" H
Weight: 44 lbs.