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Int. Harvester and Ford Engine Mounting Adapter for I.H. engines: DT-466 In-Line 6 DV-550, MV-404, MV-446, V304, V435, V392, 4-152, 4-194, 4-196, 9.0 liter V8. Ford 6.9L and 7.3L Engines (Norco - Model 78165)

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Norco Engine Mounting Adapter is made in the USA and designed to fit model 78160 engine stands for use with International Harvester engines, including DT-466 in-line 6 cylinder, DV-550, MV-404, MV-446, V304, V345, V392, 4-152, 4-194, 4-196, 9.0 liter V8, and 7.3L (Ford) engines.