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1600 Pipe Bender, w / Swager / Expander and Dies up to 3" (Huth - Model HB-10)

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The Complete Pipe Bender Package

For one low price you get everything you need to bend up to 3" pipes, including tooling and instruction video.

Huth’s HB-10 Complete Bender Package includes Huth’s newest Manual Knee Control Bender and comprehensive tooling package - everything you need to create O.E.- fit and custom-bent pipes.

The HB-10 is Huth’s entry level bender, designed to introduce you to Huth quality while showing you the incredible profit potential that awaits you.

The HB-10 features knee control activation, manual depth-of-bend control and 58,000 lbs. of bending power - more than enough for 3" tubing.

As with all Huth Benders, the HB-10 features a built-in swager/expander for complete end-finishing capability - 1" to 3" tubing on the swager end and 1" to 5½" tubing on the expander end.

Plus, you receive bending dies, end-finishing tooling and a Huth DVD - everything you need to start bending pipes for thousands of applications.

The HB-10 Bender package comes as shown. However, the HB-10 accepts all of Huth’s standard tooling and accessories such as the Ready-Rak, Rod Bracket Bender and Oil Filter Crusher.

Includes 028 Die Package

*HB-10 package comes as listed only. Additional tooling available at extra charge.


Built-In Swager/Expander

The built-in heavy duty swager/expander gives you complete end-finishing capabilities - 1" to 3" tubing on the swager end and 1" to 5½" tubing on the expander end.

With Huth's Accu-Sizer™ automatic bull's-eye expanding system, you'll be able to dial in precise expansions every time.

Knee Control

Slim Knee Control Activation allows you to get closer to your work for quick, precise bending.

An Easy-to-Read Bend Indicator shows how far into a bend you are.

  • 028 Die Package Tooling
  • 1992 3" Tooling Package
  • 1993 3" Tooling Package
  • 1995 2-3/4" Tooling Package
  • 1997 2-3/4" Short Tooling Package
  • 1988 3" End Finishing Package
  • 1989 1-7/8" Optional Package
  • Huth Pipe & Tube Bending Dies
  • Swage Dies
  • Reducing Dies
  • Ball Joint Tools - Female
  • Flaring/Flanging Tools
  • Header Collector Tool
  • Clamp Collets (All Models After Jan ‘85)
  • Huth Tube Expanders


  • Comes with comprehensive tooling package and instructional DVD
  • Easy-To-Use Knee Pad Control
  • Manual Depth-of-Bend Indicator
  • Complete Manual Control
  • 58,000 lbs of bending power - More than enough for 3" tubing
  • Agricultural Cylinders
  • Flat Tool Tray
  • Bending Die Retainer
  • Heavy-Duty Swager/Expander
  • Rugged I-Beam Construction
  • Exclusive Safety-Guard Package
  • Front Swivel Casters w/o Brakes
  • 220V, 60 Hz Operation. Single-Phase requires 30 amp service. Three-Phase requires 20 amp service.
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