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1605 Bender with 023 Die Package (Huth - Model HB-05)

Price: $7,133.51



Call for details.


For one low price you get everything you need to bend and expand 2” to 3” pipes, including tooling.

Huth's HB-05 Complete Essentials™ Package Includes Huth's newest Manual Knee Control Bender (Model 1605) and comprehensive Tooling Package (023 Die Package) - everything you need to create O.E.- fit and custom-bent pipes.

The HB-05 is designed to introduce you to Huth qualitywhile showing yu the incredible profit potential that awaits you.

The HB-05 features knee control activation, manual depth-of-bend control and 58,000 lbs of bending power - more than enough for 3” tubing.

The HB-05 features a built-in expander for your essential end-finishing needswith tooling to handle 2 to 3” tubing.

Plus, you recieve bending dies, and end-finishing tooling and a Huth DVD- everything you need to start bending pipes for thousands of applications.

*HB-05 Package comes as listed only. Additional Tooling available at extra charge.


  • $1,250 lower price than leading domestic bender-swager-die package combo to handle essential bending/expanding for 2 to 3 inch tubing.
  • Comes with tooling package and instructional video
  • Easy To Use Knee Pad Control
  • Manual Depth-of-Bend Indicator
  • Complete Manual Control
  • 58,000 lbs of bending power- More than enough for 3” tubing
  • Heavy Duty Agricultural Cylinders
  • Flat Tool Tray
  • Bending Die Retainer
  • Heavy Duty Expander
  • Rugged I-Beam Construction
  • Exclusive Safety-Guard Package
  • Fron Swivel Casters w/o Brakes
  • 220V, 60 Hz Operation. Single Pahse requires 30 amp service. Three Phase requires 20 amp service
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